Advancement and specialization

Anyone who wants to pursue demanding and responsible tasks in computer science has to continuously expand their range of competencies. The opportunities at the tertiary level are varied and, from a practical point of view, include access to universities (UH), universities of applied sciences (FH), higher technical schools (HF) or to prepare for the Swiss Federal Diploma of Higher Education or Swiss Federal Diploma.

Who should choose which program?

This depends on fulfilling the conditions for admission as well as other factors. Age, time and financial flexibility, content and organizational requirements, practical benefits and image are key influencing factors. If you complete higher education at the tertiary level, you will have the ticket to add an extra boost to your career. However, this ticket also means that your professional development in terms of education is far from complete.

What are the arguments for a specific education, a specific degree, a specific educational provider, and what are the arguments against?
Content, up-to-dateness, practical relevance and benefits, image, education costs, renown and opportunities for further training, focus of education and transparency are some of the keywords that are important in this context.