Specialist training

There are a very large number of universities, vocational schools, IT schools, manufacturers, associations, organizations in the world of work, etc. whose training leads to certificates, qualifications or diplomas.

In general, a distinction is made between the following two types of training:

  • Manufacturer-independent training courses leading to certificates, qualifications or diplomas.
    In addition to the specialist training itself, events on business administration, project management, leadership, soft skills, etc. are offered, leading to appropriate accreditation.
  • Product and manufacturer-specific training courses leading to manufacturer certificates, qualifications and diplomas. Large manufacturers and product suppliers in particular offer certifications for their products (operating system, networks, standard software, etc.).

The wide range of manufacturer certificates and manufacturer-independent training courses can be found on the certificate providers’ websites or on

A selection of organizations that offer certificates, qualifications, IDs and diplomas are listed below. The whole range of organizations cannot be listed due to the large number of them.