The Swiss education system at a glance

Computer science careers are of key importance to different sectors and society as a whole. In Switzerland, well-trained ICT professionals continue to have excellent job opportunities available to them, as the ongoing skills shortage in the ICT sector affects the economy at a critical juncture. Raising public awareness of the immense importance of the ICT industry is therefore essential, as they are in a rapidly changing environment with increasing requirements in terms of skills and accelerating innovation cycles.

Computer science careers are key careers in service and industry, in culture and administration, and in society as a whole.

Opportunities in the Swiss job market for well-trained ICT professionals are still very good, as the ICT sector is still suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. This is a disastrous development because it impacts our highly developed economy at a delicate point in value creation. It is therefore essential that the public be aware of the enormous importance of the ICT industry.

All those already working in the ICT field are aware of the exciting and rewarding challenges of the ICT industry and the fact that ICT is a key technology, particularly for Switzerland.

The ICT industry is still changing very rapidly. State-of-the-art developments are leading to ever higher qualification requirements for ICT specialists.

The IT field has changed in recent years as the complexity of ICT solutions and the demands on their development and maintenance have increased. Innovation cycles have accelerated and are now in a state of constant change.

In addition to technical problem-solving, economic orientation and organizational support, the big challenge is communication-based project management.

In spite of the significant technological acceleration, however, the conceptual tasks and activities remain largely unchanged. This highlights the importance of a sound, conceptual and methodological basis for an ICT career.

  • Education not only opens up new opportunities, it is also an investment in the future.

    Ed Markey

The range of further education opportunities at the tertiary and further education levels is extremely wide from a career-oriented perspective.

  • Higher technical schools offer various post-diploma courses (NDS)
  • Universities offer a large number of continuing education courses linked to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). These are the courses of study:
    • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)
    • Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) and
    • Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)
    • (Executive) Master of Business Administration (MBA, EMBA)
  • Various providers offer courses leading to nationally and internationally recognized certificates


Computer science is a dynamic professional field that will continue to develop rapidly. It offers the best prospects for interesting professional and managerial careers. Now is an opportune and promising time for a career in computer science and, in addition to exciting professional work, it offers above-average returns on education for those who invest in their own education.