Training at universities and higher technical schools

Continuing education at universities and higher technical schools offers working adults the opportunity to upgrade their professional skills and qualifications. Both forms of continuing education include longer courses of study and shorter courses to acquire specific skills.

Continuing education at universities

Continuing education at universities is designed to deepen your knowledge in a field of study or to acquire an additional qualification in an external field. The offer includes longer-term continuing education courses, as well as one or multi-day courses.

The following qualifications are available:

  • Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

Continuing education courses are generally aimed at people with a Master’s degree and professional experience. In exceptional cases, persons with equivalent qualifications (e.g. diploma from a higher technical school or higher technical examination plus qualified professional experience with managerial or departmental responsibility) may also be admitted. In the specific case, it is always worth checking whether you meet the conditions for participation, because admission based on merit may be permitted.
In addition to the above-mentioned training courses, universities also offer shorter seminars, courses, workshops and conferences in a wide range of subject areas, as well as product-oriented courses.

Universities therefore offer a wide range of high-level continuing education courses in order to train graduates and all those interested in scientific subjects, thus making the latest findings from university research available to the public.

However, continuing education at universities not only serves to transfer knowledge but to exchange knowledge, meaning that both sides – universities and participants alike – benefit from the sharing of knowledge between universities and practice.

Continuing education courses at higher technical schools

Higher technical schools also offer further courses in the post-diploma field (NDS HF) as well as numerous opportunities to acquire national or international and manufacturer-specific certificates, which are offered in the form of seminars, courses, workshops and conferences in various disciplines.