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In Switzerland, barely anything works without IT anymore!

Approximately 240,000 people are employed in the field of information and communications technology (ICT). According to the Statista Research Department, the information technology and services sector accounted for three percent of total gross value added in Switzerland in 2021. Thanks to digitalization, the number of new, attractive jobs continues to grow and the job prospects for qualified IT specialists are extremely promising.

Overview of all job profiles
  • Careers in the ICT industry are the backbone of the digital transformation. They offer exciting career opportunities and the unique chance to transform the world of tomorrow with cloud and AI applications. Microsoft Switzerland promotes and supports talented people – the “ICT Professions ” book is an ideal reference book for our industry.

    Catrin Hinkel
    CEO Microsoft Switzerland
  • Promoting young talent within the IT industry is a no-brainer. I personally want to motivate young women in particular to prove themselves in the IT industry. There is hardly a more varied, faster-changing industry and the detailed documentation of the various tasks per job profile on this website shows this optimally.

    Kathrin Kölbl
    Head of Account & Service Management, Member of Executive Board, Abraxas Informatik AG
  • Do you want to become a railway worker or a pilot? Do you want to save the Amazon rainforest or understand what’s going on in the stock market? Or would you rather improve football match analysis skills? Or perhaps develop robots or save lives with cancer drugs? If these subjects excite you, then computer science may be, no, computer science is sure to be the thing for you.

    Dr. Thomas Flatt
    President swissICT
  • In addition to specialist qualifications, it is becoming increasingly important for young professionals to acquire key competencies for their individual career paths – including well-developed soft skills – and to plan their own educational and professional careers as early as possible. This is precisely why this publication is extremely useful.

    Josef Widmer
    Deputy Director of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation

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