Informa: the validation procedure for training and education services for experienced professionals

The procedure is aimed at computer scientists who have many years of professional experience in the field of ICT and who want to acquire new skills quickly and inexpensively.

Informa enables training institutions certified according to Model F to prepare efficiently for federal examinations and other recognized educational qualifications such as

  • A Swiss Federal Diploma of Higher Education
  • A Swiss Federal Diploma
  • A degree from a higher technical school (HF)
  • Postgraduate studies at a higher technical school (HF)
  • A Bachelor’s degree (BSc, BA)
  • A Master’s degree (MSc, MA)
  • Continuing education qualifications at tertiary level
  • Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

Process implementation

The Informa project is carried out several times a year throughout German-speaking Switzerland. A wide range of accredited training and continuing education courses in the professional fields of ICT, technology and business are available. The process takes 6–8 weeks, and ongoing training courses can be joined at any time. Participants in the Informa project identify, analyze and document the competencies they gain in a dossier. Training advisors discuss meaningful training measures and qualifications with project participants.

Subsequently, subject matter experts review and assess the dossier and identify any training gaps that are necessary to achieve the desired qualification (gap analysis). Together with the education authorities from the educational institutions, it is decided which parts of the training do not have to be attended or which have to be taken.

Who can participate in the Informa project? Participation is open to anyone who is interested. Many professional associations support their association members taking part. In addition, many companies also support the participation of employees at all levels financially. Jobless computer scientists interested in the Informa project are also financially supported by employment offices in many German-Swiss cantons.


Benefits include individual career counseling and professional support throughout the whole process until the individual training program is in place.

Flexible study

You can take subjects or modules still to be attended according to your own timetable. You can take multiple pauses and breaks at any time, regardless of the reason.

Legal basis for the Informa project

VPETA Art. 9 promotion of interchangeability
1 Provisions on vocational education ensure maximum interchangeability both within vocational education and between vocational education and other areas of education.
2 Vocational or non-vocational practical experience and technical or general education acquired outside normal educational courses are duly taken into account.


If acquired skills meet or exceed the requirements of vocational training and continuing education, individual subjects or modules do not have to be attended. For participants in the Informa project, this will mean the following benefits:

  • A reduction in the training duration
  • Reduced training course costs
  • Waiver of intermediate examinations
  • Higher presence in the company
  • More detailed and comprehensive information on the Informa project and its implementation dates can be found at: